Google Search Console’s only if Google can detect videos on your website will you be able to see it.

Google Search Console’s teased a new video indexing report in May, and the report began to roll out to some properties in July, according to the search engine. The company has stated on Twitter that the report is now completely live for all properties where Google can detect video on the site.

What is the report on video indexing. The video indexing report displays the number of indexed pages on your website that contain one or more videos as well as the potential number of pages on which a video may be indexed. According to Google, the analysis can show you how well your films are performing on the search engine and show you where they might need to be improved.

what it appears to be. Here is a screenshot of the Google Search Console report for one of my websites:

when the report is displayed. According to Google, the Video indexing report will show up in the coverage part of the left navigation bar if Google finds videos on your website. Google Search Console’s you won’t see the report if Google has not identified a video on your website.

Video indexing repor

what it conveys. The report displays the current state of your website’s video indexing. It assists you in responding to the following queries:

  • How many pages have videos been found by Google?
  • Which videos were successfully indexed?
  • What problems are standing in the way of videos being indexed?

Additionally, if you resolve a problem, you can utilise the report to confirm the resolution and monitor how your revised video pages are reflected in the Google index, according to Google.

tool for URL inspection of video pages. Google has also improved the URL Inspection tool to let you verify a page’s.

Progress for video indexing. If Google found a video on a page you were looking at, the following information would appear in the search results:

  • information like the URLs for the thumbnail and the video.
  • The page’s status reveals whether or not the video was indexed.
  • Issues that prohibit the video from being indexed are listed.

why we care If you host videos on your website or embed videos there,

you should read this study to see if there are any methods to make those films better or to make it easier for other videos to appear in Google Search. Videos play a significant role in search traffic and Google Search visibility.

This Google support page contains a tonne more information on this new report.

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