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Managing social media based content has never been easier than now. With the sheer number of tools at our disposal. However, the world’s businesses are all moving online, so it has also never been more important to manage it properly. Here is our how-to guide on managing your social media content.

Brand Everything You Create

Make sure that you put your brand onto everything that you create. From the style of the text to the colours that you use and the voice you have for your business. Create a logo that jumps out of the page, designed to draw your audience’s eyes to your content as opposed to the other millions of images they are seeing on their screens. You can create a free logo online using this logo software. Use your logo on every post and piece of content that you create to create a brand identity that everyone knows.

Rebrand When Needed

Knowing when to rebrand can be tricky. Don’t rebrand just because you are bored or have some extra time on your hands. But do rebrand if you feel that it would help your business. Rebranding can be a great way to overhaul all of your social media content and get your website and socials looking professional and working for your business.

Create A Plan

If you plan properly, with a business and marketing plan you will find it so much easier to manage your content. Do not jump over and skip this step. Take some time to look at your business, what do you want to achieve? Set yourself short term and long-term goals and work on an advertising plan to go alongside these goals. Keep it fluid and change it when things aren’t working for you.

Planning will enable you to create content that is specific to your brand so that you don’t have to spend time editing and to delete previous posts at a later date.

Spend a Day A Week Creating

Use online tools to create great content and set aside a day a week, or whenever you can allot at time, to creating new content. Write a list of what you want to achieve, with titles. Be varied and create content from all genres, including blog posts, vlogs, images, infographics, competitions, and other methods that work for your business.

Organise it all into numbered folders on your desktop so that you will not get mixed up when putting it out there. This can save an enormous amount of time in business.

Schedule Posts

Use an online scheduling tool to schedule your posts for that week or month. Hootsuite is a great one. Spend an hour a week managing this and setting it up. Using a tool like this not only means that you can organize your posts and send them out at set times digitally. But it also posts to several different social sites. This means that you make sure you cover all bases with the same pieces of content.

Always double-check that your posts are coming out the other side formatted with the right hashtags etc… you might have to do some editing when using scheduling sites but they are well worth their time as you can do this after it has been posted.

These are the ideas that we think are the most important when managing your social media content, but what do you think? If you have any other ideas, then implement them, and get creative. Remember that organization is key to success, as is your drive. Stay driven and stay organized!

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