What Does Hosting Mean?

In its broadest definition, hosting refers to a service in which storage space and computer power are made available to a person or business so they can host and maintain one or more websites and related services. Hosting need not be IP-based, although in the vast majority of cases, web-based services are used to make a website or web service accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

What is web hosting with example?

Web hosting is the act of providing storage space for a website with an Internet connection. When a company sells space on servers and clients pay for that space to store their websites so they can be accessed online, that is an example of web hosting.

What is the purpose of hosting?

Services for web hosting operate by maintaining secure and reliable storage areas. While simple data storage is only one aspect of what web servers offer, it is a crucial one. Data is kept by hosts on equipment known as web servers, making maintenance and access by internet users simple.


What are the advantages of hosting?

A professional web host offers you several advantages that are absent from low-level web hosting services, such as technical assistance and online security. Additionally, you will benefit from backup and restore tools when using professional web hosting for your company.

What do hosting companies provide?

Customers of web hosting services can host one or more services on a shared or dedicated server. A web hosting service is typically used to host websites, but it can also hold business email, files, games, and other content.

Types of hosting

Shared web hosting service

Your website will be hosted on the same server as dozens or perhaps hundreds of other websites. Common server resources like RAM and the CPU that all domains may typically share include RAM and the CPU. The features offered by this kind of service may be relatively simple and not very adaptable to new software or updates. Shared web hosting is frequently sold by resellers, while hosting for customers is frequently provided by web companies with reseller accounts.

Shared web hosting service

Reseller web hosting

enables customers to act as their own web hosts. Depending on their affiliation as a reseller, resellers may operate under any combination of the aforementioned categories of hosting for certain domains. The size of a reseller’s account might vary greatly; they might have a colocated server or their own virtual dedicated server. Many resellers offer a service that is almost comparable to the shared hosting plan offered by their provider and handle all technical support themselves.

Reseller web hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server

Divides server resources into virtual servers, also known as a Virtual Private Server (VPS), where resources can be assigned in a way that does not exactly correspond to the underlying hardware. However, virtualization may be done for a number of reasons, including the flexibility to move a VPS container between servers. VPS will frequently be assigned resources based on a one server to many VPSs connection. The users’ own virtual area might grant them root access. When a server is unmanaged, customers are occasionally in charge of patching and upkeep; alternatively, the VPS provider might perform these duties for the customer (managed server).

Virtual Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting service

The user receives their own web server and has complete control over it (they have administrator access in Windows or root access in Linux), but they normally do not own the server. Self-managed or unmanaged dedicated is one option. For dedicated plans, this is typically the least expensive option. The client is in charge of the security and upkeep of his own dedicated server because he has full administrative access to the server.

Dedicated hosting service

Managed hosting service

Although the user receives their own web server, they are not given complete authority over it (they are not given root access for Linux or administrator access for Windows), but they are still permitted to maintain their data remotely via FTP or other methods. By preventing the user from altering the server or potentially causing configuration issues, the provider is able to ensure the quality of service. Usually, the server does not belong to the user. The client leases the server.

Managed hosting service

Colocation web hosting service

Comparable to dedicated web hosting, but with the user owning the colo server; the hosting business provides the physical space that the server occupies and looks after the server. This kind of web service is the most robust and pricey. The majority of the time, the colocation provider may just offer the server’s power, Internet access, and storage needs, offering little to no direct support for the client’s machine. To do any hardware updates or adjustments, the customer often sends his or her own administrator to the data centre. Most hosts now demand rack mount enclosures and standard system configurations, although many colocation providers used to allow any system configuration for hosting, including ones housed in desktop-style minitower cases.

Colocation web hosting service

Cloud hosting

Using clustered load-balanced servers and utility billing, this new type of hosting platform offers consumers powerful, scalable, and dependable . Since other computers in the cloud can take over when a single piece of hardware fails, a website hosted in the cloud may be more dependable than alternatives. Additionally, because cloud hosting is dispersed, local power outages or even natural disasters pose less of a threat to websites that are hosted elsewhere. Additionally,

cloud hosting enables service providers to bill customers only for the resources they actually use as opposed to a set rate for the amount of resources they anticipate using or a one-time upfront hardware investment. In contrast, a lack of centralization can give users less control over where their data is kept, which might be a problem for users who have GDPR-compliant worries about data security or privacy. Users of cloud hosting services can offload IT management to the cloud hosting provider and request additional resources as needed, such as just during periods of high traffic.

Cloud hosting

Clustered hosting

Having multiple servers hosting the same content for better resource utilization. Clustered servers are a perfect solution for high-availability dedicated hosting, or creating a scalable web hosting solution. A cluster may separate web serving from database hosting capability. (Usually web hosts use clustered hosting for their shared hosting plans, as there are multiple benefits to the mass managing of clients).

Clustered hosting

Grid hosting

This form of distributed hosting is when a server cluster acts like a grid and is composed of multiple nodes.

Grid hosting

The Top 7 Best Web Hosting Providers

Hostinger – Best Overall

Hostinger provides affordable, dependable web hosting. Shared hosting packages cost as little as $1.99 per month, which includes free weekly backups and 10,000 visitors’ worth of bandwidth.

Normally, you’d have to back up your website yourself or pay extra, but gives you that security without cost.

The most popular choice is the $2.59/month Premium Shared Hosting plan. You can do this to host 25,000 visitors and up to 100 websites. Additionally, you will receive a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and a free domain name for a year to safeguard your website.

For a variety of website content, the Premium Shared Hosting plan’s 100 GB SSD storage is sufficient. Upgrade to one of their VPS or cloud plans if you require additional space.


hPanel is the control panel that utilises exclusively. It is user-friendly and simple to browse because of the appealing and arranged navigation symbols.

Their dedicated WordPress dashboard on hPanel is another fantastic feature.

From the hPanel, you can control a number of things, like updating the version of the core WordPress software, activating or deactivating plugins, and turning on maintenance mode. With only one click of a navigation button, you may access your WordPress dashboard through hPanel.

. For a better user experience, you can speed up the website with the aid of its server-level cache and other optimization tools.

With their 99.9% uptime guarantee, makes sure you have the best possible online presence. You can also get help from their quick-response, round-the-clock live chat service anytime you need it.

Bluehost – Best for New WordPress WebSites

One of the most well-known web hosting providers worldwide, especially among people starting WordPress websites, is Bluehost. We concur that Bluehost is one of the three hosts that WordPress officially recommends.

They provide excellent rates and a platform that is user-friendly for beginners, making it simple to manage every part of a WordPress website. On Bluehost, you can develop various kinds of websites, but WordPress is undoubtedly the greatest fit.

When performing a task for the first time, such setting up a blog or email account on your website, Bluehost will frequently guide you through it.

You may contact them in two clicks by using the contact form on their website, which also includes a live chat option.

In addition, Bluehost provides excellent analytics and SEO tools to monitor how well your website is performing for particular keywords. This provides you with a solid concept of how to optimise your website for the top search results.


It only $4.95 a month if you commit to three years and lock in the pricing.

The cost reduces to $3.45 per month when you sign a 12-month contract. I advise signing up for a longer contract in order to lock in the low price because renewal pricing, like that of other hosts, is higher than promotional pricing.

a greater discount on Bluehost is available to Quick Sprout readers. Click here to get a new three-year contract at a rate of $2.75 per month for new users.

Bluehost offers a variety of alternatives, including managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting, if your website keeps expanding and you want to upgrade. When the time comes, you can expand and continue working with the same provider if you desire greater server power and control.

For those who want to use WordPress to create their website, Bluehost is a very secure option. There will undoubtedly be a little extra work and backend maintenance if you choose to utilise a different content management system other than WordPress.

Check out Bluehost right away and use their 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee to test-drive their web hosting.

DreamHost – Best Unbeatable Value On a Month-to-Month Hosting Plan

In addition to providing excellent hosting performance, DreamHost offers significant savings for their month-to-month pricing.

In actuality, their monthly rates begin at $1.99. This package offers a free SSL Certificate, unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, and one website.

However, this is only the special price. The cost increases after the first month. Then, you’ll have to pay the existing monthly amount of $7.99. In comparison to other top web hosting services, that is still a significant savings.

Naturally, DreamHost also provides one-year and three-year contracts, which begin at just $2.95 a month and enable you to save more money over time. It’s still a terrific value even though it’s not the cheapest on this list (check out for the cheapest contract options).

I wholeheartedly endorse DreamHost if you are in charge of a nonprofit. For 501(c)(3) organisations, they offer one free unlimited shared package. You simply cannot beat that offer.


It’s also a fantastic choice for WordPress. One of the three web providers that WordPress officially endorses is DreamHost, which also provides managed WordPress under the name DreamPress. One of the easiest ways to manage a WordPress site is in that way.

Customer service is a little less conventional; live chat is only available during work hours, but email assistance is accessible all the time. You must pay an extra $9.95 for phone-based technical help.

However, phone assistance as well as additional premium services are available if you choose either the DreamPress Plus or Pro-managed WordPress subscriptions.

Join DreamHost right away to get for the lowest price possible without making a long-term commitment. DreamHost offers a complete 97-day money-back guarantee throughout its industry-best free trial period.

HostGator – Best for Simple Websites

In addition to having a 45-day money-back guarantee, HostGator provides all the hosting necessities you require at an excellent price. Consider HostGator if you don’t require a sophisticated website.

I’m referring to the typical business information website with offerings, offerings, “our narrative,” and so forth. HostGator makes it as simple as possible for people to contact you, locate you, and view your portfolio.

For technical help, HostGator provides a huge selection of how-to manuals. You can contact phone, live chat, and email support if you still need assistance.

Contrary to some hosts, HostGator offers support with each of its plans. This host is ideal if you want a low-cost package with support.

There is a small learning curve involved in utilising their sophisticated features if you want to get your hands dirty.


Along with Linux hosting, HostGator also provides Windows hosting, as well as a range of upgrade choices like cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress, and a dedicated server. Dedicated packages cost $2.64 per month with a three-year commitment.

By clicking the link, QuickSprout readers may save up to 66% on new HostGator plans.

If you’re considering in giving HostGator a try, I suggest making the most of the 45-day money-back guarantee and properly evaluating their customer service before deciding.

Overall, this is a decent web host for straightforward deployment and applications like a company website that doesn’t necessarily receive a lot of monthly traffic. However, if you need to scale, there are VPS choices available.

GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Hosting

The environmentally friendly substitute for other web hosting companies is GreenGeeks.

What does that imply? It indicates that they have powered their web hosting services using renewable energy.

Their web hosting services are excellent in addition to being good for the environment. They provide quick speeds, reliable uptime, and excellent solutions for

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Shared Hosting

In conclusion, they’re a great choice for companies and websites who care about the environment.

Here are some details about their shared hosting costs.

SiteGround – Best WordPress Certified Host For Speed and Security

For WordPress hosting, SiteGround is designed to offer world-class speed and unbreakable security. They are now conducting a significant promotion. You can get a free website transfer and 80% off all annual hosting options. It improves on a favourable situation.

You won’t have to worry about performance or security at all if you host with SiteGround. The technology that their hosting is based on is where it all begins. In order to maintain quick and reliable connections, SiteGround uses Google Cloud.

Of course, you’re not responsible for any of this; all you have to do is sign up for SiteGround and launch your WordPress site; they’ll do the backend laborious work for you.

Security at SiteGround is always on guard. Every 0.5 seconds, they do server health checks, and every hour, their AI-driven anti-bot technology prevents between 500,000 and 2 million brute force attacks.


They provide automatic updates and continuously monitor for new platform vulnerabilities to add an additional layer of security there.

You may save up to 80% on all annual Site Ground hosting options right now:

Initial payment of $2.99 per month for the first year.

GrowBig: an annual payment of $4.69 per month for a year.

GoGeek: yearly payment of $7.99 each month

Remember that after a year, each plan will renew at a higher price. You can also choose to pay for a 24-month or 36-month term through SiteGround’s checkout options.

SiteGround, however, offers attractive discounts on renewals lasting more than a year. Two-year and three-year renewals receive discounts of 20% and 30%, respectively, off the base renewal rate.

In other words, by taking advantage of their fantastic intro rate for one year up front, you’re still getting the best bargain in terms of long-term value.

Overall, SiteGround provides the greatest tools and services for hosting WordPress websites and keeping them safe and quick for all users.

A2 Hosting – Fast and Reliable Shared Hosting

Outstanding speeds and affordable costs make A2 Hosting stand out.

A2 Hosting outperforms other hosts in terms of speed at every tier (shared, VPS, dedicated). You’ll probably notice a boost in loading speed after you switch to A2 if you’re coming from another shared web host.

You’ll have access to their Turbo Servers with their Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans. It includes: They promise that it is 20x faster than their other servers.

AMD EPYC CPU performance increased by 40%.

2x faster to the first byte 3x better read/write speeds with NVMe discs, 9x more traffic

Additionally, all plans from A2 Hosting come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you know you’ll always have a dependable host.

A2 Hosting

With every package, they also include free site migration. This is a great offer if you want to relocate your website after setting it up on a subpar host. You’ll save spending numerous hours attempting to have your website rebuilt. The A2 Hosting staff handles it on your behalf.

You must purchase the Drive plan, which is an additional $2/month beyond the introductory period, if you intend to host several websites.

The special prices with A2 Hosting expire on renewal, which is one way to save money. Select the tri-annual billing option, which will bill for three years at once, to extend the duration of the 63% discount as much as possible. 2 years of hosting are provided without charge.

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