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Meet Yaman Kumar, a digital marketing wizard reshaping how businesses thrive online. He’s not just an online entrepreneur but also a Media Buyer. Leading VOB Digital India, he’s all about fresh ideas and turning challenges into victories!

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I have trained more than 1500+ marketers so far and have received positive Feedbacks.

Sales Funnel

Selling on internet is not easy. But with right sales funnel you can sell anything you want.


Ad is one my core specialties with plethora's of successful Digital ads projects


Writing sales and landing page copy is the in demand job, that makes you experienced Marketer

Why Choose Yaman ?

Elevate Your Success With a Proven Digital Marketing Expert.  Choose Yaman Kumar for Result-Driven Strategies and Growth-Focused Solutions. Yaman Has a Wealth of Experience Working with Startup Companies. Offering a Unique Perspective on Marketing From Its Very Foundation.

Industry Expert

Global Connections

Media Buyer

Agency Owner



We provide digital marketing training in multiple Digital Marketing domains like SEO, SEM, Social Media, Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, Website Automation, Copywriting and Much more


If you want result oriented digital marketing services to 10x your business revenue, then feel free to contact us. We have industry expert team to achieve your goals


If you are looking to hone your digital marketing skills with practical knowledge. Then you are at right place. We help formulate right internet marketing skills.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Yaman Kumar

Q.1 Who is Yaman kumar ?

A1: Yaman Kumar is a seasoned professional in the field of digital marketing, known for his expertise and proven track record in delivering successful marketing strategies.

Q2: What Experience does Yaman Kumar Have?

Yaman has over 6+ Years of Experience in Digital Marketing, Working with Diverse Clients and industries, Including Startups and Established Brands.

Q3: What Sets Yaman Apart?

A3: Yaman’s Unique Perspective stems from his involvement with startups companies, Allowing him to comprehend marketing intricacies from their inception and Tailor Strategies Accordingly.

Q4: What Service Does Yaman Provide?

A4: Yaman Offers comprehensive Digital marketing Consultation, Including Strategy Development Compaign Managment, SEO Optimization, Social media marketing And More.

Q5: Can Yaman Help Businesses of All Sizes?

A5: Yes, Yaman Has Experience workring with startups as well as established companies, Tailoring his strategies to Meet the Specific needs and Goal of each Business.

Q6: Is yaman Knowledgeable about the latest industry trends?

A6: Absolutely, Yaman Stays updated with ever- Evolving Digital marketing landscape of provide Clients with the most relevant and effective strategies.

Q7: How can I Get in touch with Yaman for Consultation?

A7: You can reach out to Yaman through, Yamankumar706@gmail.com Or 8800479399 for inquiries, Consultations, Or Project Discussions.

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