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Hey everyone,
This is me Yaman Kumar a digital marketing trainer & consultant

Here in this blog I will walk you through some basic jargon of Google Ads, and it will help you master google ads comfortably.

Let’s begin,

What is Google Ad?

Google ads is an advertising platform, AKA Google AdWords, CPC and PPC. In google ads advertisers bid on certain keywords in order to show his results on google SERP page. 

Types of Google Ads?

Google allows you to run five different types of google ads.

1 Search Ad
2 Display Ad
3 Shopping Ad
4 Video Ad
5 App Ad

What are keywords match type?

When we create google search ads then we can select Broad match, Broad match modifier, Phrase match and Exact match for the keywords match type.

  1. Broad Match:-

Broad match keywords are the default match type, they basically reach the widest audience. In broad match your ad is eligible to appear on serp when a user’s query includes your keyword, in any order or any of your single terms. 

Example :- If your broad match keyword is “buy shoes” then your ad will possibly show on following search queries like, shoes online, online shoes, buy slippers and buy boots

2. Broad Match Modifier:-

It similarly reaches a wide audience, but it has a better control on keywords by locking the keywords with the “+” symbol. It tells google that search query must include that term.

3. Phrase Match:-

In phrase match type your ad will appear when the user’s search query includes the same key phrase in exactly the same order or also using any prefix or suffix 

4. Exact match

In this match type your ad will only appear when the user’s query includes the exact same key phrase in exact order.

However, google has changed many things recently that is your ads will also be shown on search terms containing synonyms and variations. To prevent this, Google has a concept called negative keywords. Below We have mentioned what negative keywords are?

What Are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords is a process of preventing your ads showing on google SERP page, when you browse any keyword.

Negative keyword concept gives your opportunity to show your ads only to your potential audience. It gives you good ROI via google ads.

  1. Negative Broad Match Types 

There are three negative match types:-

  1. Negative Broad match 
  2. Negative Phrase match 
  3. Negative Exact match 

2. Negative Broad match 

A negative broad match keywords allows you to exclude your ads on appearing SERP.  Your ad will not be shown even if the negative broad match keyword searches in any order.

Example:- If the negative broad is “Cosco Ball

SearchCould an ad show?
Cosco tennisyes
Cosco tennis ballNo
Ball of tennis coscoNo

3. Negative Phrase match 

This keyword match type is less restrictive, In this match type your ad will not be shown on those keywords which contain the phrase keyword only.  

Example:- Negative phrase is ”cosco ball”

Search Could an ad show?
Ball of coscoYes
Playing cosco ballNo
Cosco ball with batNo
Buy cosco tennis ballYes

4. Negative Exact Match

Now this match type is commonly used by most marketers, because it eliminates the ads to be shown on SERP. If the searched keyword is found exactly. 

Example:- Negative Exact Match [Cosco ball]

SearchCould an ad show?
Cosco bat with ballyes
Cosco ball with batNo
Ball Cosco Yes
Bat cosco ballNo

Further content and notes will be updated soon.

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