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SEO is a process of getting your website on google’s first page(SERP).

Search engine is a web based tool that helps find users query. It provides relevant results to users.

Example:- Google, Yahoo and Bing

A browser is a software application which helps retrieve information from web pages and displays it on users device.

Example:- Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox

Bots are an internet programmers, which helps transfer web page data to search engine. They duplicate the content and send it to search engine data base.

Search engine has three primary functions:

  1. Crawling: (A simple meaning of crawling is to copy the information) Every search engine send their crawlers to different web-pages for crawling their data.  Whatever crawlers read they make a copy and send directly to googles data base.
  2. Indexing:  When google crawlers crawl your content then they make a copy and send it to googles data base, This is called indexing.
  3. Ranking: No need to explain, it simply means providing a best piece of information to users query.

Search Engine Result Page.dmyaman

DA stands for domain authority
PA stands for page authority

There are many ways to check DA and PA

  1. MOZ Bar

A main page of your site, a page you want to rank on Google SERP.

How to do SEO? Step by step guide

One of the most prominent thing in SEO is keywords, Keywords make it possible to people find your website  via Google or any search engine.

Types of keywords:-

  1. Long tail 
  2. Short tail
  3. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
    These are related terms or keywords which google use to deeply understand the content of a web page.  
  4. Seasonal
  5. Shopping 
  6. Local Keywords
  7. Focus keywords/Primary keywords
  8. Secondary keywords

Keyword research tools:-

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Ahref (Paid)
  3. Keyword everywhere

Site audit is a testing process for evaluating the search engine friendliness.

We have mentioned below common errors in website:- 

  1. Cannonical error/Redirection error
  2. Duplicate content
  3. Thin content
  4. N.A.P Schema Code
  5. Robots.txt
  6. Sitemap.xml
  7. Heading tags
  8. ALT text
  9. Site speed score
  10. Mobile responsive

Any activity performed on any specific page is called on-page SEO. In other words, on-page SEO refers to optimizing web pages to rank higher in search engines.

Content optimization

  1. Keyword density (Focus or secondary keywords)
  2.  Keyword prominence (placement of your keyword)
  3.  Heading tags

 H1 to H6 

Your heading tags should be in sequence.


Image optimization

  1. Alt-Text- You will always use your focus keyword in the ALT text
  2.  Image Title- you can use your secondary keyword in it
  3. Image Description-


Tag optimization (Yoast SEO)

  1. Meta title:- should not be more than 60 characters
  2.  Meta Description:- Should not be more than 165 characters
  3. Slug/permalinks
  4. Meta keywords 

The combination of your meta title, meta description and slug is called a snippet

  1. Sitemap.xml
  2. Robots.txt
  3. Schema (For rich results)

Off-page SEO (On-site SEO) refers to actions taken place from outside to your own site, to impact your ranking within the search engine result page (SERP).

When we perform any activity from outside of the site is called off-page SEO. In off-page SEO we increase the references for the site.

These are the following activities will help your site in ranking. 

  • Link building Concepts (Internal Link, External Link / Inbound link & Outbound link)
  • What are no follow and do follow backlinks?
  • Types of Linking Methods (Two way and one way)
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified postings
  • Business listings
  • Blog commenting
  • Directory submissions
  • Article posting 
  • Blog posting
  • Guest posting
  • Submission to search engines
  • WEB 2.0 
  • Q & A submissions.

What is indexing?

When google crawlers crawl your content then they make a copy and send it to googles data base, This is called indexing.

How to check indexing?

To check indexing follow this search syntax in google search bar.  


How to check indexing

For checking your sites ranking you will need to install a extension (plugin) called SEO Quake

It will work like this:-

How to check SEO ranking

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